Booking Policies: Terms & Conditions

These conditions remain above any other whatever they are. Making a booking involves the express acceptance on the part of the customer of each and every general condition, which are considered an integral part of the booking in accordance with the specific legislation in force.


When a booking is made, it is done by making a secure credit card payment of a deposit or transfer. A booking is not considered firm until this deposit has been paid. The rest of the payment must be made at the beginning of the provision of the service, otherwise the booking is considered to be cancelled.

In the case of BOOKINGS WITHOUT ANY OFFER if the booking is cancelled less than 30 DAYS before the date fixed for occupying the room, the amount received by way of deposit will remain at the disposal of the hotel company.

BOOKINGS WITH OFFER are payable 100% at the booking and are not subject to refund in case of cancellation. If not paid the total price within 30 DAYS from the time when the reservation is made, price will be charged at the official rate, losing the customer the right to claim any amount. Customer authorizes the collection Can Pere the total amount of reserve on offer to ensure the booking. The transaction will be carried out in EURO

Pets are not allowed.

There may be cancellation fees


The services detailed according to the booking conditions estipulated for each tourist establishment selected at the time of making the booking. Including V.A.T


On making the booking, the customer is fully and exclusively responsible for the accuracy of all the information that has to be given. If it proves to be incorrect, this could lead to the cancellation of the booking.